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Meet Alan “Doc X MD” Xenakis MD

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Dr. Xenakis, “Doc X MD” with wit, wisdom, humor, imagination, and science is one of our nation’s foremost endearing storytellers sharing with us “why we do what we do” and “what we can do about it” regarding curiosities and constraints in our behavior that either amuse or abuse ourselves and others. An Emmy Award winning radio and television host and producer, he has created more than 6000 programs in major market radio and television. Three minute DOC X MD Funny Feelings© vignettes and a one hour Xpress with Doc X MD© talk show are heard weekly on KAMU-FM National Public Radio and streamed nationally. Dr. Xenakis holds two doctoral degrees (medicine and science), and two master’s degrees (public health and science).  Doc X MD currently holds or has held full professorships in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health sciences, and public health. While skilled in both science and humanities, Dr. Xenakis is a recognized expert in teaching and speaking on effective communication, ethics, leadership, professionalism, human behavior and neuroscience, organizational behavior, self-improvement, community and public health, and inter-professional development.