Current Moment Bias and Social Distancing, and COVID 19 1 comment

Adjusting our decision making to contain COVID 19 through “social distancing and sheltering in place”… requires a price to pay.

Whether a student, or out of school, we’re conditioned to get what we want in the current moment… as the nursery rhyme says, “Rain, Rain Go away come on back another day.”

Current moment bias involves instant gratification, a goal hard wired in our brain… delay, change in schedule, and interruption… cause immediate anxiety, tension, and stressful strain. “Social distancing” and “sheltering in place” challenge immediate wants… dramatic shifts in routine… and abrupt changes in self-distancing from favorite restaurants, bars, stores, and friendly gatherings… become agonizing haunts.

“Wanting” is normal when balanced with patience and discretion. But surrendering to instant gratification, ignores balance, while encouraging aggression…

Our brains have reactionary pathways that under stress, cause choices to be severely restricted. Premature conclusions, that overcome more and better options, are predicted. Attempts to impose certainty on uncertainty tend to oversimplify things to black-and-white extremes…

For COVID 19, the current moment bias for most folks “sheltering in place” has shown expectations for IMMEDIATE availability regarding viral test kits, effective antiviral medicines, N95 masks, and economic and academic relief as ongoing themes…

When it comes to current moment bias and social distancing it’s a funny feeling to know instant gratification is our go to PLACE… But by redirecting expectations, when “sheltering in place,” like enjoying family, hobbies, and smelling the roses… our brain reorients to a much calmer SPACE…

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  • Plutarco M Castro

    Take time to refresh to keep your anxiety level low
    listen to the health professionals

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