Treasured Xpressions

Treasured Xpressions are weekly audio pearls of wisdom that arise from Doc X MD and Audra RN’s conversations with guests and callers on his NPR program Xpress with Doc X MD and Audra RN.  We hope you enjoy this resource and are welcome to reference and share with others what you learn here.  As a convenience we have a search feature where you can put in a key word to find your Treasured Xpression. We only ask that you properly cite Doc X MD and Audra RN Treasured Xpressions should you use any of the material for your own work.  The format for referencing is:

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Treasured Xpressions from Xpress with Doc X MD and Audra RN

July 10, 2018 Doc X and Audra ask the question…”Should a Supreme Court Justice retire during the same political party administration that appointed him or her?”