Zero Risk Bias, Hoarding, and COVID 19 1 comment

Coronavirus 2 and Covid 19 disease … present serious public health challenges requiring efforts from everyone… but folks excessively profiting on household items like toilet paper… should not be done.

Panic buying and hoarding impair a rational response to any threat. While proper planning for indefinite periods of self-isolation is always a sensible bet.

Stockpiling toilet paper in response to a fast-spreading viral pandemic doesn’t earn a commercial spot with I’m Hiney Clean…. Then why do folks hoard toilet paper when hand-washing and social distancing are priorities… from every senior… to every teen?

 Stockpiling behavior is driven by an unconscious decision making bias challenging the presence of harm… Called zero risk bias… controlling conditions with absolute certainty… is an instinctive comforting charm. During times of risk when seeking a situational hero… we make irrational decisions placing a controllable risk at zero…

Covid 19 presents extraordinary risks and unknowns.  Fear of life-threatening illness and self-isolation anxieties, while balancing job security and full family bellies quakes our bones. Simplifying these situations isn’t stress free… so hoarding toilet paper as a zero risk hedge against home bathroom shortages is an easy sight to see.

When it comes to zero risk bias and what COVID 19 brings… our urge is to always maximize sure thingsIt’s a Funny Feeling to know we normally use one and a half rolls of toilet paper per week… yet while hoarding is a tendency to mentally find safety in assuring our hiney stays clean…it’s distraction does little to provide safety against a virus requiring an effective vaccine.

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