About “Doc X MD” and “Audra RN”

Meet Alan “Doc X MD” Xenakis

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Alan Xenakis, MD, ScD, MPH, MS “Doc X MD”

Dr. Xenakis, “Doc X MD” with wit, wisdom, humor, imagination, and science is one of our nation’s foremost endearing storytellers sharing with us “Why we do what we do” and “What we can do about it.”  As a nationally renown and successful author, and healthcare educator, he utilizes his storytelling humor to demystify mental, emotional, and physical oddities and bodily functions in a way that leaves the reader and listener entertained, enlightened, and educated.  As an Emmy Award winning radio and television host and producer, he has created more than 6000 programs in major market radio and television. As a successful businessman, he created, developed, and managed several substantial corporations within the area of communications, nutritional health care products, and consumer health education.  Hailing from New England, he is a proud alumni of the University of New Hampshire, Boston University, and Harvard University. Dr. Xenakis holds two doctoral degrees (MD and PhD), and two master’s degrees (public health and neuroscience).  Doc X MD has held full professorships in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health sciences, and public health. While skilled in both science and humanities, Dr. Xenakis is a recognized expert in teaching and speaking on effective communication, ethics, leadership, professionalism, human behavior and neuroscience, organizational behavior, self-improvement, community and public health, and inter-professional development.  His three minute “DOC X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© vignettes, and one hour “Xpress with Doc X MD and Audra RN© talk show have been heard weekly on KAMU-FM National Public Radio and streamed nationally.  Several “fun facts” about Dr. Xenakis are that he enjoys recreational sailing and flying, enjoys Lionel model trains, holds his motorcycle license, claims his favorite movies are “Wizard of Oz” and “Pretty Woman”, is of Greek descent, and loves his three Boston Terriers. 

Meet Audra Renee-Smith Xenakis

Audra Renee-Smith Xenakis, RN, BSN

Audra Renee-Smith Xenakis, “Audra RN” with knowledge, nimble wittiness, and nurturing approach, is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years of experience within healthcare.  Audra has served in various nursing positions including leadership, education, as well as direct patient care within inpatient, outpatient, and research venues.  Accolades during her nursing career includes the prestige’s BG Lillian Dunlap Award for Leadership & Clinical Excellence,  The DAISY Award nominations for Extraordinary Nurses, and numerous personal and professional letters and cards of appreciation from those she has provided nursing care.  Audra is a published author of professional magazine and peer-reviewed journals.  Audra has frequently been the keynote speaker for non-profit organizations, national and international nursing conferences, graduations, radio and television media while supporting the health of the individual, family, and community.   Audra co-hosted NPRs Xpress with Doc X MD and Audra RN© with Dr. Alan Xenakis.  She also appeared as a co-storyteller on NPR’s weekly DOC X MD’s Funny Feelings©.  Several “fun facts” about Audra are she enjoys camping, cooking and baking, admiring and driving old and new muscle cars, holds a motorcycle license, claims that her favorite movies are “Tombstone” and “Goonies,” and loves being an American.

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