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Hello educators, trainers, coaches, healthcare providers, business managers, parents, athletes, broadcasters, entertainers, law enforcement officers, service men and women, administrators, attorneys, business owners, patients, and students:

Welcome to the Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings © Audio Library.  With our inquiring minds we regularly search for answers to questions regarding “Why we do what we do” in our activities of daily living such as at rest, work, play, and in relationships.  “I don’t understand” and “I didn’t know that” are phrases that tantalize, tease, and frustrate at the very least while simultaneously acting as forecasters of more serious future possibilities.  It’s human nature when we don’t know or don’t have access to a credible source we guess or make up stuff to answer our questions in an effort to solve every mystery we face. This Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings © Audio Library is intended to bring you information relief through credible “xplanations” and practical solutions regarding “Why we do what we do.” For your convenience the Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings © are listed in the 5 C areas of our highest interest: Curiosities, Complaints, Confusions, Concerns, and Constraints.

While we encourage you to use this library, NO Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings ©, in part or its entirety, may be sold or distributed beyond personal use. If you do choose to use any part of the material in a Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings © for your own work we require that you properly cite the material with the following format:

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The Core 5 C’s are:

  • Curiosities: These Funny Feelings © satiate our inquisitive desire to learn or know something new about ourselves and others.  An example is “Splash and Pee” ©which xplains why we have the urge when water is running.
  • Complaints: These  Funny Feelings © xplain behavioral conditions or situations we find ourselves or others in that are unsatisfactory and unacceptable. An example is the often used phrase “Just Sayin’” ©hich xplains why we do it and what are we really saying when we use it.
  • Confusions: These  Funny Feelings © clarify perplexing and often misunderstood behaviors while providing rationale and perspective for their presence. An example is the xplanation behind “Feeling Free” © and what actions strengthen versus weaken the feeling.
  • Concerns: These  Funny Feelings © address behavioral matters that engage our attention, interest, or care, or that affect our welfare or happiness. An example is xplaining the “Kind of Hush” © that can keep us out of harm’s way and why.
  • Constraints: These  Funny Feelings © identify unwanted actions and behaviors that limit, restrict, compel to avoid, and filter our world view and then offer self-improvement strategies to eliminate or master their control. An example is xplaining “Present when Present” ©and why being in the moment is more than physical presence.