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What are DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings©?
DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© are clear, concise, narrated explanations for our mind & body behavior so we understand “why we do what we do.”

What are the “real costs” (Why should I care?) of not recognizing, managing, and controlling “why we do what we do?”
Divorce, separation, lost jobs and wages, burnout, nonproductive, illness, uncontrolled emotions, low grades, & questioned integrity are just a few.

Why mix wit, wisdom, humor, and science in DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings©?
Storytelling with wit, wisdom, humor, & science builds attention, and interest – Our denial & resistance would otherwise reign & block growth.

Why the Storyteller?
DOCXMD is an exceptionally gifted storyteller. His style fuels innovation, creativity, motivation, & caring with a greater desire to work with others.

Why use rhyme in DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings©?
Rhymed passages in DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings DOXCBITE© explanations jog our MEMORY and increase our acceptance of their truthful ENERGY.

Apart from comforting my curiosity why are DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© important to me, worth my time, and have lasting value?
DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings©inspire us to learn, reflect upon, & successfully manage ways we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

Are DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© always “Funny”?
The level of humor in each DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© depends upon the gravity & sensitivity of the behavior explained of “why we do what we do.”

How are DOCXMD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© researched and developed?
A rigorous process of peer reviewed medical, science, and research literature is blended with expert interviews and DOCXMD and Audra RN’S experience.

Is the DOCXMD Funny Feelings© Book also available on Amazon.com?
Yes, the “DOC X MD Funny Feelings”© Book is also available on Amazon.com.

What are some examples of how are folks/organizations are using DOCXMD Funny Feelings ©Book?
The book is inspiring, communication, reflection, and role playing, and is a trusted source for immediate self-improvement & leadership training.

What recognition has DOCXMD earned for his teaching and scholarship?
DOCXMD has held full professorships in major universities in medicine, humanities, nursing, public health, biomedical and health sciences.

What recognition has DOCXMD’s media storytelling earned for influencing personal, organizational, & community self-improvement?
DOCXMD an Emmy recipient has earned numerous awards including New York, San Francisco, & International Film Festival Gold Medals.

In what venues has DOCXMD delivered his DOCXMD Funny Feelings©?
Community events, MD/RN/MBA/MPH students, professional meetings, training workshops, radio, television, grade & high school & much more.

Are DOCXMD and Audra RN available for public speaking engagements, workshops, training seminars, and guest lecture appearances?
Yes, DOCXMD and Audra RN are available to meet your unique needs including assisting you in developing educational strategies for your events & programs.

Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings © follow the “Core C’s” areas of our highest interest…

The Core C’s are:

  • Curious, Comical, Colorful, Charged, Cheerful: Funny Feelings © that satiate our inquisitive desire to learn or know something new about ourselves and others.
  • Complain, Critical, Cynical, Contradictory, Cantankerous: Funny Feelings © that Xplain behavioral conditions or situations we find ourselves or others in, that are unsatisfactory and unacceptable.
  • Confused, Concerned, Clumsy, Cautious, Changeable: Funny Feelings ©that clarify perplexing and often misunderstood behaviors, while providing rationale and perspective for their presence.
  • Cooperative, Convincing, Courageous, Chivalrous:    Funny Feelings © that address behavioral matters which engage our attention, interest, care, or that affect our welfare or happiness.
  • Constrained, Compulsive, Competitive, Challenging: Funny Feelings © that identify unwanted actions and behaviors that limit, restrict, compel to avoid, and filter our world view and then offer self-improvement strategies to eliminate or master their control.

Citation Requests:  We ask that you properly cite Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings©, should you use any of the material for your own work.  The format for referencing is: Audio Title (XXXXXXX). Doc X MD and Audra RN’s Funny Feelings© Air Date (Year/Month/Day): Retrieved from https://docxmd.com/docxmd funnyfeelings. NO Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings ©, in part or its entirety, may be sold or distributed beyond personal use.

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