A co-worker said “most folks make charity donations because they want to be seen as generous… but my gifts are anonymous because my intentions are […]

Blind Spot Bias

In healthcare we often see birthing moms selectively forgetting many painful labor details…and replacing them with delivery of an awesome baby… positively tipping the memory […]

“Peak End Rule”

Why do some folks have a short fuse and quickly lose their cool…? As hijackers seize command of boats, planes, and automobiles…   our emotions… when […]

“Amygdala Hijack”

Ever hear “I’m not sure I can reach my ideal weight and lose these extra pounds.” But outcomes don’t have to be based on experience […]

“Impact Bias”

I can see a movie numerous times… and with each viewing… I’ll see a detail I missed the first time around… We’re all victims of […]

“Change Blindness”

Most folks associate courage with fear… but courage is more than that… it’s related to making decisions and taking actions when risk is near… Courage […]


When we’re given a present our total focus is to survey the box’s weight and size.  Details signal possibilities on how we may solve the […]

“Present When Present”

Individuals, especially in the mass media, are increasingly hedging what they’re about to say… with a prefacing text.  The habit of guests exclaiming preemptive explanations […]

“Prefacing a Conversation”

Expressions such as “Think outside the box”…”we’re boxed in”… or even forms that say… “Stay inside the box”… are everywhere. Folks commonly want the same […]

“Boxed In”

There’s an out of control verbal epidemic gripping  media commentators urging them to answer posed questions… with an opening statement of “look” or “listen…”  This […]

“Verbal Tics”

Group Think and Band Wagon Effect are often confused… Groupthink leverages individuals into consensus by replacing critical thinking with hasty irrational decision-making that’s excused. Adopting […]