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Sept. 29, 2018   Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival!

Sept. 12, 2018     Let’s ALL Become More RADIO ACTIVE!!!

Just an afterthought, but one which is universally applicable. Emotion bypasses critical thinking. It’s been done by tyrants for ages. Think lynch mobs. How much longer are we gonna let ’em push out buttons? How much longer are we gonna let ’em control us? How much longer can humanity survive with nuclear weapons & mob mentality? Critical thinking is essential to survival. We just need to DO it more, while we still can. We must apply it to eradicate injustice & thus lessen tensions. We shouldn’t abandon emotions, just don’t let them run wild & destroy us, individually or collectively. We need more programs like YOURS to enable us to discuss things rationally so we can learn with & from each other, becoming better able to see what’s REALLY going on-& WHY. “Come, let us reason together” (JFK) “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.” (JFK) An excellent way to do so is exemplified by YOUR SHOW!:Let’s all become MORE RADIO ACTIVE!!!

Frank-Listener of Xpress with Doc X MD and Audra RN

August 14, 2018     Ref. Calls Foul for Parent’s Bad Behavior


August 7, 2018         Gates Testifies Against Manafort:  Betrayal or Justice?


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July 24, 2018           Throwing Kittens From a Car:  A Litter Trend?


 Ken:  Law of Retaliation-Eye for Eye

July 17, 2018            Helsinki Summit:  What’s the Purpose?


Mark:  Building Hotels Versus  Building Allies


July 10, 2018       Supreme Court Justice:  When Should You Retire?


   July 19, 2016      Times of Crisis:  What’s the Police Officer’s Responsibility?


Chief of Police Mike Gentry:  A “Kind of Hush” that Speaks Louder than Force