Beneffectance Effect

I’m incredibly proud of my children. They’re a babysitter’s dream. What about when the little tots throw temper tantrums for snacks and toys? Oh the shopping trip last week? Not my fault, their fits are my hubby’s influence, NOT MINE! I’m an awesome parent there’s never any noise. This behavioral form of thinking called Beneffectance or egocentric bias, where in moderation we own desirable outcomes but disavow undesirable ones, is normal biz. American poet Walt Whitman in Song of Myself wrote, “Nothing is greater to one than one’s self is.”

With beneffectance we view events as self-centering so we have the propensity to experience life in a self-centered seat? Yes, our perceptions, from how we initially construe what occurs to us, to how we finally recall it from memory are distorted and incomplete.

Beneffectance causes us to consistently exaggerate our own importance, believe we have more impact on the opinions of folks, and brag that we’re the focus of everyone’s remarks.  So we normally have an illusion of control over situations and events in folk’s lives that fuels leaders to imagine their roles provide all the answers and crucial sparks. Yes, beneffectance much too oftenprevents us from acknowledging accomplishments of those most deserving to be recognized. We sadly hold back “Atta boys” that certainly would be highly prized.

Beneffectance also causes us to see ourselves as the aim of another’s actions, when it just isn’t so. For example, if we do well on a quiz we’ll say it was a good measure of our abilities but if we do poorly, we’ll say it was the “rotten exam,” not us, that was critically low

We use beneffectance bias in language to colorfully describe events too. For instance, when our team wins we’re likely to say ”WE won,” but if our team loses we’re prone to say ”THEY lost and are deservedly through.” Beneffectance affects memory recall in a major way. The reason… it’s significantly easier to remember information when we’re the main actor in a blockbuster play.

When it comes to beneffectance it’s a Funny Feeling to know, unconsciously we often place our importance above other FOLKS… a position that prevents us from recognizing colleagues, friends, and family who genuinely deserve our encouraging and supportive STROKES…!                                                

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Beneffectance Effect Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings©