“Event Boundary”


“Oh shoot, now why did I come into this room? I can’t remember and I am getting more behind!”  That happens to us all, we’re in one room and headed into another, only to find our search reason, has suddenly vanished from our mind. This forgetful moment leaves us so aghast! How in world does our brain lose what we are searching for so fast?

This ‘amnesic happening’ leaves us baffled by not remembering what we’re searching for!  The dilemma happens because our mind falls prey to a phenomenon known as an Event Boundary” caused by a simple door. Passing through a doorway signals the end of one thought and the beginning of something that’s new and totally changed. Our brain wants to file away events and memories we hold as we exit one room and enter another, as if the furniture in the room is rearranged. When no door to pass through is present we don’t erase a memory and forget… so with the room openness goes away the fret… 

Our brain normally attempts to store search information in successive chapters and make each segment completely done. Doorways basically act as bookmarks for our brain to file a chapter and move on to the next one.  This means whatever we began to look for has now been filed and no longer remains in the forefront of our memories awareness. This happens more than we care to admit and the angst it causes us creates a situation that’s not high on our chart of fairness.  So what can we do to keep ourselves from being hostage to a door?  We can mentally repeat our searched for article, or action, as we enter a room and that will help us even the score.   This focused effort, while passing through a doorway keeps our brain from automatically cataloguing thoughts and experiencing event boundary. Thank goodness for answers that will prevent our daily quandary.

When passing through a door on our way to find an object…it’s a Funny Feeling to know that we’re risking forgetting what we’re looking to collect… so mentally repeating what we’re seeking for on our way to find the THING… will keep us from erasing what we know our search should ultimately BRING…

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Event Boundary Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings©