“Power of Suggestion”

In explaining the power of the phrase… I can… when I think I can… would reflect the strength of persuasion from what we see, hear, read or even tell ourselves primarily results from a power of suggestion plan.

Our beliefs are framed by childhood influences, media impressions, dogmatic incantations, subliminal messages, continual repetitions, and what we tell ourselves is true. Deliberate suggestions greatly influence our learning and memory, products we prefer, routines we follow, our world view, how much things will hurt, and the scale to which we respond to supplements and medicines, known as the placebo effect, just to name a few.

The compelling impressions that suggestions leave on our lives rest in our response expediencies.  Response expediencies on what happens, depend heavily on our “expectation” realities. Once we anticipate, or are convinced, a specific outcome will take place, subsequent thoughts and behaviors, help deliver that payoff, in nearly every case.

Subtle and subliminal suggestions have strong and dynamic effects on success or failure as well. Simply being observed, or otherwise made to feel special, known as the Hawthorne effect is as powerful a productivity tool as embedded messages, motivating colors and hues, or stimulation of our sense of smell. 

The power of suggestion exploits our earnest desire to believe that statements, stories, or slogans, repeated multiple times, are gospel and true. Our tendency is to completely accept the illusion of veracity that repetition imparts without any further diligence due.

When it comes to power of suggestion’s impact on how we think, plan, and act it’s a Funny Feeling to know when others or ourselves subtlety suggest or otherwise an event, situation, or outcome will happen as an ACTUALITY… We tend to imagine what that possibility will be like, with our mind and body preparing for it to become a final REALITY…

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