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For Immediate Release          

January 20, 2019

Dateline: Temple, Texas 76502  

Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© announced today that the delivery stork in their innovative illustration and animation birthing department is introducing new playful companions to their growing Xaredevil© Xenigician© Xplorer Family.  We are xtremely xcited to add Vaudevarmints© to our lovable Xaredevils© as new mates. Vaudevarmints© bring the challenging mischievous alter ego side of all of our cognitive biases that complement our Xaredevils© into our innovative human behavior story telling” said co-founders Alan Xenakis MD and Audra Smith-Xenakis, RN.  Each Vaudevarmint© Xenigician© along with their individual anthronality has a “totem.” The spirited symbol of the totem brings magical Xenigician© powers to the Vaudevarmint© that helps xplain and guide the story telling of human behavior and bias.

“Using focus group feedback we are learning our audience, which spans the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, is consistently associating our growing family of character “anthronalities” to be identifiable with nearly every behavioral situation in their daily lives… situations and behaviors they are deeply interested in, curious to learn about, and more importantly, master control over” shares Doc X… “Anthronalities” are human behaviors and personalities creatively associated with other living things for purposes of storytelling.

Sharing entertaining and informative narratives that leave theoretical xplanations behind while applying science and common sense in Xplaining human behavior is what Doc X and Audra “Xcel in” as passionate trusted storytellers.  News reporting, government, politics, management, leadership, globalization, health care delivery, scientific research, investment banking, education, entertainment, sports, social and mass media communication, as well as personal relationships depend on effective, honest, respectful, and truthful communication and interpretation of human behavior and biases issues that often bind, barricade, divide, complicate, disrupt, or confuse us daily.

 The significantly growing popularity of Xaredevils© and Vaudevarmints© represents the ability of the characters to come alive and anthropomorphize remedies and solutions to behavioral conflict and misunderstandings in a world of confusion and turmoil much in need of applicable accurate knowledge.  

Gifted Illustrator and animator Oliver Johnston will collaborate with the creation and development of the Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© Vaudevarmints©.

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