For Immediate Release          
January 19, 2019

“Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings©:

Dateline: Temple, Texas 76502  

Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© announced today the birth of the Xaredevil© Xenigician© Xplorers. We wanted spirited and trustworthy illustrated characters with “anthronalities” our audience would love and identify with in helping us tell the stories of why we do what we do” said co-founders/creators Alan Xenakis MD and Audra Smith-Xenakis, RN. “Anthronalities” are human behaviors and personalities the founders/hosts are creatively associating with other living beings for purposes of storytelling. Each Xaredevil© Xenigician© along with their individual anthronality has a “totem.” The spirited symbol of the totem brings magical Xenigician© powers to the Xaredevil© that helps xplain and guide the story telling of human behavior and bias. The Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© audience spans the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

Producing entertaining and informative narratives that depart from theory, while simultaneously applying evidence based science with uncomplicated clarity in Xplaining human behavior, is what these innovative hosts passionately do.  News reporting, government, politics, management, leadership, globalization, health care delivery, scientific research, investment banking, education, entertainment, sports, social and mass media communication, as well as personal relationships depend on effective, honest, respectful, and truthful exchange of ideas, culture, and interpretation of human behavior and bias issues that often bind, barricade, divide, complicate, disrupt, or confuse us daily.

Focusing on understanding matters of behavior, attitude, personality, and perception Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© feature Xaredevils© in their story telling video programs to communicate why we do what we do and in so doing utilize anthropomorphism to convey remedies and solutions to conflict and misunderstandings in a world of confusion and turmoil much in need of applicable accurate knowledge.

Xaredevil© Xenigician© Xplorers take the viewing audience through innovative multimedia narrative journeys designed and produced to define and understand the impact of ego, conscious, reflexive, and unconscious psychological and sociological triggers that guide and drive individual and group thinking and their subsequent actions.  

Gifted Illustrator and animator Oliver Johnston collaborates with the creation and development of the Doc X MD and AUDRA RN Funny feelings© Xaredevil© Xenigician© Xplorers.

Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings© can be heard as archived podcasts on NPR’s KAMU-FM. It can be heard at:  or Visit  for archived podcasts, as well as, contact details, photos, and bios.


Alan Xenakis, MD, ScD, MPH, MS Email: [email protected]   Audra Renee Smith-Xenakis, RN, BSN Email: [email protected]