We just can’t resist… when a traffic accident unfolds before us… to see what’s happening, and allow a gripping, snooping, curiosity to scrutinize the fuss.

Rubbernecking is the irresistible behavior to gawk with a very graphic acrobatic straining of our neck. The purpose is to get the best view of the tangled and twisted wreckRubbernecking for sure… causes traffic jams known as “Gapers” blocks,” they’re the leading cause of distraction-related traffic accidents and unnerving massive gridlocks.

Loss of focus coupled with sudden changes in speed constitute major rubbernecking factors.  Unconsciously, we rationalize accident gaping distracts from driving monotony and offers first hand knowledge of victims and their reactors. Gawking at an accident isn’t our finest move…yet we argue it’s one way of keeping us aware of how we can improve. 

Follow the leader isn’t just a game of youth…it’s real… if someone rubbernecks… we follow suit nearly 100% of the time and that’s the truth.  Our brain is wired to seek solutions to every sudden unexpected happening and mystery, in the process we attempt to know the what, where, and why, of each unfolding accident history.  And yes, morbid curiosity also plays a significant role in rubbernecking  behavior roadside wrecks rivet us because we believe we can observe without impending danger.

When it comes to rubbernecking it’s a Funny Feeling to know that gawking both are part of one’s normal curiosity demeanor, slowing down to gawk also makes us a potentially hazardous intervener.  Even a single rubbernecking peek creates an avoidable danger, And that slow down, even just a tad… means folks are at risk of hitting an unsuspecting stranger.

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