“Why Judge Brett Kavanaugh Hasn’t Caved”

After two days of US Senate Confirmation Hearings regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court, there has been no evidence of the Judge caving to vitriol from a mean spirited, and clearly orchestrated negative audience, or the grilling from a seasoned self-serving partisan panel looking for blood.

How can a man be so focused, respectful, and strong under circumstances where most would at the very least come unglued?  The answer falls in understanding how the Judge not only understands ontological biases (“Why We Do What We Do?” ©) but more importantly has learned how to master them in himself and in conversation with others.   A careful examination of the Judge’s physical presence shows no excessive blinking, folding of arms, rolling of eyes, constant seat movement, or impulsive reactive behavior. To the contrary, the Senate Hearing Panel and the viewing world is being treated to witness a man who respectfully listens without interruption and follows with answers that are direct, substantive, erudite, and approach inclusion while minimizing unintended consequences.

While there are many mastered behavioral biases that the Judge is openly sharing with us the most remarkable are the following:

  • Integrity: The Judge is dedicated to bringing value to others whether it be youth coaching, community service, student mentoring, family loyalty, or lawyering as an umpire with real world impact and precedent as his benchmarks, all identifiable missions dedicated to doing things bigger than himself.
  • Always Already Listening © controlled:  The answers the Judge provides are based on responses and clarifications to the questions posed, not to furthering a personal agenda of what he wants others to hear through preconceived notions that unconsciously would color the Hearing’s conversation.
  • Authenticity: The Judge’s quality of being genuine and worthy of belief, frames his constant respect of others and self-control throughout the proceedings. No effort has been delivered by the candidate to disguise his personality to insure that he isn’t judged, labeled, or adversely reacted to.
  • Availability Cascade (Illusory Truth Effect) ©: The Judge with consistently solid responses, continues to demonstrate his skill and courage in refuting unproven credibility attempts by others, to propose false ideas and insights through their repetition and rationalization, of unfounded questions and innuendo.
  • Beneffectance Effect: The Judge has shown remarkable resistance to this effect, when Senators Harris and Booker have wallowed in it. This bias causes individuals to consistently exaggerate self-importance belief that they have more impact on the opinions of folks, and brag that they’re the focus of everyone’s remarks flaws, that the humble and remarkably dedicated Kavanaugh does not embrace.

The above are only a sampling of the Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings© mastered behaviors, we are witnessing from a man in the last 24 hours who values his Country enough, not to Cave in.

Koinonia, Doc X MD and Audra RN©

Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings © September 5, 2018