“Present When Present”

When we’re given a present our total focus is to survey the box’s weight and size.  Details signal possibilities on how we may solve the secret sitting just before our wondering eyes.  We remind our ego “Size gives little measure of what value the gift giver thinks of us… not even an ounce.” Well at least that’s the way we’re supposed to think. Remember we’re taught “It’s the presenter’s thought… not the present that really counts.”

We shake the package and listen for sounds that give us a hint.  Our ears perk up… and our eyes stretch… in a searching squint!  Does it rattle, roll, or glide…? Our mind hunts for clues to learn what’s trapped inside. What’s the weight? Is it heavy or light? Is the shape irregular, square, or round? Our curiosity, imagination, and excitement burn until the package is opened and its contents are found.

But how does the story of present when present unfold when the present we speak of… means paying attention to folks wishing to share ideas in conversation they treasure as rare pieces of gold. Family, friends, colleagues, customers, and patients are idea givers we meet every day.  Are we present when present to receive their shared learning whether we’re sitting on a park bench or in a meeting in every possible way? No… sadly we seldom really listen to thoughts and ideas others share… the intensity is missing… that we give tinseled wrapped presents… givers bear!

Present when Present is about being in total awareness of the here and now… whether in conversation… or receiving a gift that brings a big wow…  It’s a Funny Feeling to know like the Grinch that stole Christmas… who learned something he hadn’t BEFORE… being Present When Present… with folks who wish to share ideas, stories, or experiences … is a present… that may mean like Christmas… just a little bit MORE…

Copyright Alan P. Xenakis, MD, Doc X MD Funny Feelings  Air Date December 06, 2018

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