It’s amazing, when I sit on a smooth surface for a bit, my thigh skin stick to it!  The reason is because water and cohesion sticky properties that our skin simply can’t outwit.  We know water, as H2O. A molecule containing 3 atoms, two hydrogen and one oxygen. Hydrogen atoms have single electrons which mostly gather on the oxygen atom side, leaving their outer edge positively charged.  The oxygen atom has eight has eight electrons.  The majority sit away from the hydrogen atoms, making this atom rim negatively charged. 

Molecules with positive and negative charged sides resemble magnets with bipolar properties that attract. When a water molecule’s positive pole approaches another water molecule’s negative pole, an attachment occurs called “hydrogen bonding” on contact.

Each water molecule can form up to four hydrogen bonds giving water a clump ability we see as a drop named in chemistry cohesion. The water drop when stuck to substances other than water such as a seat, covered in wood, leather, or vinyl is named adhesion. Adhesion and cohesion combine to cause the triple S… skin-seat- stickiness.  

After sitting, skin perspiration drops and humidity vapor generated from body heat and available moisture wet our skin causing “skin to seat” adhesiveness. For example, when we place a drop of water on clean glass, cohesion grabs other water molecules around it, forming a bead. Simultaneously, once the glass is turned over adhesion, as with seat stickiness holds the water molecules from being freed.  That is… until we shake the glass or rise from our seat… then hydrogen bonds are broken where water and glass and skin and seat surface meet.

When it comes to skin seat stickiness… It’s a Funny Feeling to know that hydrogen bonds that cause water molecules to embrace, triggering another fact we can’t erase. Water is a sticky FRIEND holding us when we sit until we raise our thighs and bottom END.

 Copyright Alan P. Xenakis, MD, Doc X MD and Audra RN Funny Feelings Air Date 20180809

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